Djamil DiopDjamil resides in the Bay Area. Contact him to take private or group percussion classes for adults or children, hire him to perform with his brothers at a show, party, wedding, or special event, or travel with him to Senegal for a workshop. See below for contact info.

 Djembe & Dunun Group Drum Classes in San Francisco
Mondays, 7-8pm
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
            All levels welcome
                          $15 per class; $5 drum rental
                                Call in advance for drums
                                        Djembe & Dunun Private Drum Classes in San Francisco
                                     $40 per class
                                    Call to set up time.
                              Sabar Drum Class in Oakland
                              Sundays, 4-5:30pm
                             Soundwaves Studio
                                   Senegal Workshop
                                   December 29, 2014-January 10, 2015
                                    Scroll down to bottom  of this page  to see more info.
                              Shows, weddings, special events in the Bay Area
                              Call Jamil to hire him and his brothers to play.

E-mail: ~ Mobile: 415.410.6854 ~ Facebook: Djamil Diop


Djamil is a master Doun Doun, Djembe, and Sabar drummer from Senegal, West Africa. He comes from a long line of Sabar Griots, who have passed down his people’s traditions and history through the language of the Sabar drums. The sixth in a family of seven internationally recognized musicians, he began his musical education from the time he could walk under the tutorial of his older brother, Badou, who studied with the Djembe greats and toured Europe as the lead drummer for the Senegalese National Ballet.

In Senegal, Djamil performed with several Senegalese National Ballets and recorded melodies for Senegal’s most renowned musicians. Stateside he has performed across the country with various traditional West African, Reggae and Fusion bands at festivals, school assemblies, and shows (like the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival). Jamil is a patient teacher. He has instructed students of all ages from around the world. He drums for West African drum and dance workshops and summer camps across the USA and leads drum and dance workshops in Senegal annually. He has extensive experience teaching adult group, K-12, and university classes in the Bay Area.

Camp Senegal


Djembe and Sabar Drum and Dance Workshop in Senegal

With the Diop Family
December 29, 2014 - January 10, 2015
Come for 1 or 2 weeks!





Teachers' Biographies

Badou, Ibou, Adama, Djamil, Cheikh, Djim, and Ouzin Diop and family

The Diops are all famous and virtuoso percussionists. From the well known family of Sabar griots “Sing Sing Rythmes”, they have preserved their people's traditions for centuries through the drum. Drumming is in their blood. They learned to play the DunDun, Djembe, and Sabar from the time they could walk and grew up playing together. As adults, they toured the world with various Senegalese national ballets. When the brothers unite, the percussion reaches an infectious level of synchrony that will move you from deep within.

The oldest from the family of seven internationally recognized musicians, Badou is often considered one of West Africa’s Djembe greats. He taught his younger siblings all that they know. His younger brother, Ibou, is admired internationally for his fast hands.

In addition to drumming, Adama was a dance choreographer for Ballet Silimbo in Ecole des Artes. He began teaching students from Europe in 1990 and has been performing and teaching throughout the US since 1999. He is currently the director of Diop Percu International School of African Music and Dance in California.

Cheikh currently lives in Holland, where he teaches 100 plus drum students, accompanies during dance lessons, and plays in many different groups all over Europe. He now directs his own group: DIOP PERCU.

Djamil, an ingenious Dundun player, residing in San Francisco, California, where he teaches percussion for all ages, plays for dance classes, and performs in shows and music festivals. He is a patient teacher, good at helping students feel the tempo.

Hailing from a long line of traditional musicians, the Diops are connected to the top dancers in Senegal. They will bring in several Master dancers who live in Dakar and have performed extensively with National Ballets to teach dance class. Music and dance is always evolving at its source, and those living in Senegal will be able to teach the latest moves and rhythms.


Weekday Schedule

 Morning Wake up & breakfast
 Late morning Percussion class for all
 Afternoon Lunch
 Early evening Dance class (or drumming for dance class)
 NIght Dinner, relaxing, live music, etc.

There will be no classes on the weekends.  Weekend excursions can be arranged upon request. Senegal has many beautiful spots to visit. (Weekend excursions are not included in the workshop price.)

Join this beautiful percussion/dance trip to Senegal

Book now for this trip.  



Price for 1 week = $700

Price for 2 weeks = $1300

50% deposit due by September 15

$50/week discount if deposit paid by August 31

$50/week discount for groups of 3 or more



  • 5 drum and 5 dance classes per week
  • All meals (home cooked Senegalese cuisine for lunch and dinner)
  • Lodging
  • Djembe and Sabar final dance party
  • Airline ticket. You must arrange this yourself. Try and click that your dates are flexible. Cheaper fares are generally available if you travel on week days, Tues-Wed.
  • Weekend excursions



Vaccinations: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, DTP (Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio), Malaria medication.

In San Francisco, call 415.554.2625 to set up an appointment for shots at the Department of Health's Adult Immunization and Travel Clinic.

Suggestions of what to bring: Mosquito-net, anti-mosquito spray or cream, sunscreen, hat/viser, medication for fever, diarrhea, headache, etc.


More info and registration:

 Djamil Diop: tel. 415.410.6854 / / facebook djamil diop

 Adama Diop: tel. 760.650.9610 / / facebook adama diop

Ousmane Gueye: tel. 510.712.2301